A young mum was left heartbroken after her newborn baby was “left to die” without any medical help in hospital.

Bethany Lamming gave birth to Jensen but, despite being able to breath for himself and able to cry, midwives refused to help him because he was born at 21 weeks gestation.

Ms Lamming, 21, was told “I’m really sorry, we can’t do anything for your baby.”

As Hull Live reports, the mother watched her son die in her arms. 

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust said it adheres strictly to national guidance issued by the British Association of Perinatal Medicine which advises it is “not appropriate” to attempt to resuscitate babies born before 22 weeks.

Survival for babies born before 22 weeks is not considered possible because the lungs are usually not developed, even though Jensen was breathing for himself and cried.

The Trust has since completed a Serious Incident (SI) investigation which found failings by midwives, but concluded even without those failings, the outcome for baby Jensen would still have been the same.

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