Baby basket spotted floating in Scottish loch sparks emergency response

A Moses basket was discovered floating in a loch on the Isle of Lewis sparked an emergency response. 

The baby’s bed was found in Loch A Chlachain, off Pentland Road, shortly before 8pm on Wednesday, September 8.

A large-scale search operation was launched in the surrounding water with crews from Ness, Brager and Stornoway Coastguard Rescue Teams in attendance. 

Police Scotland were also called to assist with the search.

A stand for the basket was later discovered close to the roadside however no trace of any youngster in distress was discovered.

A Coastguard spokesperson said: “The Moses basket was recovered empty by Police Scotland as we arrived on scene so teams commenced an immediate search of the Loch and the river where the stand for the basket was found close to the roadside.

“On completion of the search of the Loch and river and with nothing else found the decision was made to stand down.

“This was deemed a false alarm with good intent.