Drink driver banned after his Mercedes grassed him up when he crashed

An engineer has lost his licence after his car called 999 when he crashed while drunk.

Alan McShane, 37, was driving his company’s EQC when he clipped the kerb, activating the airbags. The car said to him: ‘We’ve called emergency services, are you alright?’

Paramedics, the fire brigade, and police turned up at the scene and he was found to be more than three times over the legal limit for alcohol.

McShane had gone out after work on May 16 to watch Newcastle United against Arsenal.

But prosecutor Sarah Malkinson said he was so drunk that he fell asleep while being seen to by health workers in hospital.

McShane, a gas engineer, had not been intending to get drunk that evening, his lawyer Michael Henderson said.

He told Newcastle Magistrates’ Court: ‘He went to work on Monday morning, he worked throughout the day, it’s the old story of nothing to eat, very little to drink, and the plan of action was to go into town, have a meal, watch the game on television and go home.

‘He drove into town in a company Mercedes vehicle, he wasn’t concerned when he parked because he was going to drive it home…

‘The people he met didn’t want to go for food, so he had a drink, and in the early hours of the morning he knew he had to drive the car to work, he was concerned about leaving it parked there because it wasn’t his vehicle.

‘He made a mistake. “Fifteen minutes to drive home to Wallsend”, that’s what he thought, “I will get the car”. Obviously his judgment had been affected by the alcohol he had consumed.’

He was banned from driving for over two years and ordered to pay £1,730 in fines and costs.