Emergency services warn residents to stay indoors and keep windows closed after incident

EMERGENCY services have urged residents to stay indoors and keep their windows shut after an incident at a famous docks.

Welsh Police and the Fire Brigade service are at the scene of a suspected gas leak in Cardiff Bay.

In a statement on Twitter, South Wales Fire and Rescue urged the public to stay clear of Queen Alexandra Docks.

They said: “Due to an ongoing incident, we are requesting that all doors & windows in the Queen Alexandra Docks, Cardiff area to be closed.”

South Wales Police also warned the public to stay away from the area while they deal with the incident which took place around 12pm on Sunday.

Police have asked people to avoid contacting their control room in relation to the matter.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said: “We are aware of an incident taking place at Queen Alexandra Dock, Butetown.

“Please do not contact our control room in relation this and avoid the area while emergency services deal with the incident.”