A BUSY beach had to be closed to bathers today after a shark was reportedly spotted in the water.

In scenes straight out of the movie Jaws, bathers were told to get out of the water following the possible sighting off Boscombe beach in Bournemouth, Dorset.

RNLI lifeguards put up red flags, the signal to warn swimmers of a serious hazard in the water.

And just like Chief Brody in the cult film Jaws, they also put out a tannoy announcement telling people to get out of the sea due to “large marine wildlife” in the water.

The beach, that was busy with families enjoying their summer holidays, remained closed for almost an hour while lifeguards searched the sea on jet-skis looking for the ominous sign of a dorsal fin protruding from the water.

It is not known what species of shark was reported to have been spotted in the shallow water but it wasn’t seen again.

Witness Gemma Harris said: “The lifeguard put out a loudspeaker announcement saying ‘everyone out of the water, there is marine wildlife in the water..

“Everybody rushed out of the water and the RNLI response was very effective.

“They checked the water for about half-an-hour before letting bathers back in. Apparently a fin was spotted. We heard one of the RNLI team say it was a shark but nothing has been confirmed.”

A spokesman for the RNLI said: “There were sightings of large marine life at Boscombe beach.

“The situation is being closely monitored by RNLI lifeguards who are asking visitors to stay away from the water and have put up red flags.”

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