Girl becomes a multi-millionaire at 11 after starting her own business aged 4

A teenage girl has explained how she turned over millions every year with a lemonade business she got started on when she was four-years-olds.

Mikaila Ulmer began creating her drinks after receiving an old cookbook from her great-grandma.

The 17-year-old, from Texas, US, had earned $11million before her 12th birthday – and he company has continued to grow ever since.

Finding a 1940s recipe for flaxseed lemonade, she got to work and added a twist of honey which proved to be crucial as the drink took off.

She secured a mega money deal from Whole Foods back in 2016 to sell her Me & the Bees Lemonade and even before she turns 18 her product was stocked in 1,500 stores across America.

The young entrepreneur hasn’t stopped at drink and has her own line of lip balms and written her own book – all achieved while she studies in school.

She says for each drink sold, the 10 per cent of her profits to bee rescue foundations.

Mikaila earned some vital investment to take the company to the next level after appearing on the television show Shark Tank, America’s equivalent of Dragon’s Den.

On her website, she says: “I decided to give her beloved lemonade a new twist by adding honey from bees, instead of only sugar.

“That’s how Be Sweet Lemonade was born!

“However, we had to change the name due to a copyright issue so we decided to call it Me & the Bees Lemonade because we give a percentage of sales to help save the bees.

“We are now celebrating more than 10 years in ‘buzzness!’”