Jeremy Clarkson did not waste any time in talking about Meghan Markle as he launched his new ITV show on Saturday night. 

It’s Clarkson on TV saw the 60-year-old “unpick popular TV events and unearths wonderful hidden gems, with an eye for detail and a rogue sense of humour”.

And unsurprisingly, the former Top Gear host couldn’t resist referencing the Duchess of Sussex’s explosive chat with Oprah Winfrey – which aired on ITV last month.

Jeremy introduced the clip by saying: “Meghan Markle was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey… there was a moment where Meghan Markle seemed – how can I put this politely – break wind.”

With the sound of a fake audience laughing, the clip ran and was a snippet of Meghan discussing a time after her wedding to Prince Harry and Oprah responding. 

“Sorry can we just hear that again because it really does sound like Piers Morgan had a point, her pants really were on fire!” Jeremy continued.

As the sound of an audience laughing hysterically continued to play, he added: “Now I’ve had a note here from the legal department at ITV. They want it to be made plain that that was not a fart, I have no idea how they know that.

“But they want me to make it clear that the fart noise probably came out of Oprah’s mouth.”

By editor2