Netflix viewers are furious following the news of a multi-million dollar deal for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Express ran a poll of readers to find out what the general feelings are towards the couple and their creative exploits. 

It comes after the announcement that Meghan Markle is producing a new animated children’s series, ‘Pearl’, that focuses on notable women throughout history.

The poll asked whether Meghan and Harry are doing enough to earn an estimated $1m a week from Netflix.

Some 4,078 respondents answered the poll about Harry and Meghan between 13.02pm July 15 and 9.30am on July 19.

The results weren’t good for the former royals as an astonishing 96.5 percent (3,934 people) of those who answered thought that Harry and Meghan did not deserve the massive salary.

Embarrassingly for Harry and Meghan, just 94 people (2.3 percent) said they are doing enough work to deserve the impressive pay-day.

Of those polled, 50 people (1.2 percent) were not sure.

One reader raged: “I left Netflix because of this deal with Harry and Meghan.”

Many of those were answered were suggesting a “boycott” of Netflix.

Another reader added: “Come August when it’s time for the renewal of my subscription, I am cancelling Netflix. I’ve written to Netflix and told them I oppose paying this much money to people who have no talent.”

Someone else agreed: “I have nil interest in either of them. As far as I am concerned, they are completely irrelevant. I would rather watch paint dry.”

This person was straight to the point: “Who the hell cares!”

It’s claimed that Meghan began talks to develop ‘Pearl’ back in 2018, so it has been a long time coming.

Many people have been wondering whether the star of the show, 12-year-old Pearl, is in fact based on a younger Meghan.

The couple announced their deal with Netflix back in September 2020.

Their first project to be announced was new docuseries Heart of Invictus, a project focusing on the achievements of injured servicemen and women at the Invictus Games.

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