Meghan Markle has been put on trail for pulling out the race card in her attempts to get Prince Harry to tie the knot and take her as his bride.

Lady Campbell got candid about Meghan’s alleged bag of tricks during an interview with Today.

There she was quoted saying, “Meghan weaponizes color with everything. You see, as long as she plays the color card, she gets a free pass to behave as badly and as freely as she would like. She has no boundaries and as long as she plays the color card, it is open season.”

She even went as far as to claim that Meghan only had “one thing that going in her favor” and that was her skin color because, “Had Meghan been White, there is no way that marriage would have proceeded, because Meghan’s past was rather too chequered, and Meghan’s personality was very abrasive.”

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