A “frightened, vulnerable” young woman hid the body of her dead newborn baby in a hedge outside her home so she could visit her every day, a court has heard.

Lisa Blagden, described as “blameless” and “grieving”, has been given an absolute discharge after she pleaded guilty at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court to concealing the birth of the baby on December 27, 2019.

Rhys Evans, prosecuting, described how the 21-year-old had been unaware that she was pregnant when she gave birth in her bathroom to the baby called Ivory Rose.

She then passed out from the loss of blood and woke up to find she had fallen on the baby who had stopped breathing and died.

Mr Evans said that Ms Blagden made attempts to revive Ivory Rose but was unsuccessful, so she took her outside in the hope that fresh air would help.

District Judge Roderick Hine described the father as “despicable” for attempting to “cover up and protect himself” and said he had clearly “groomed” Ms Blagden.

He said: “I cannot imagine someone as less morally scrupulous than that.”

He continued: “It’s difficult to imagine a more tragic set of circumstances. I do not believe any punishment beyond what she has already suffered would be appropriate.

“She is blameless and so are her family.”

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