The man suspected of gunning down five people in Plymouth described being “beaten down by f life” in a video recorded just two weeks before the tragedy.

Jake Davison, 23, uploaded a dark 11-minute clip to his ‘Professor Waffle’ YouTube channel – which has since been deleted – on July 28 in which he talked about how he had lost his drive.

The apprentice crane operator – who has been named locally as the shooter in the horror incident in the Keyham area on Thursday night – also called himself “a Terminator”.

Davison said: “I’m so beaten and defeated by f life. That drive that I once had had, that’s gone now. It’s literally gone – I don’t have the power anymore.”

And he continued: “Most people would have been completely and utterly broken if they had lived my f****** life, and I know that for a fact.

“I’m not trying to say pity party, or I’m the biggest victim in the world. But I know for a fact that if people had lived my f life, they wouldn’t have lasted.”

Davison – whose videos had only collected a few hundred views each at the time of writing – also talked about being an ‘incel’ and referenced ‘blackpill’.

Both are linked misogynist philosophies attributed to radical fringe groups, usually made up of young men, based around looks and the reasons why they can’t attract women.

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