Lady Colin Campbell today accused Meghan Markle of ‘playing the race card to get a free pass to behave badly’ and claimed Prince Harry ‘would never have married her if she was white’ in a fiery tirade on Australian TV.

In a morning show interview on Friday, she claimed Princess Anne ‘wasn’t alluding to the colour of this child’ but rather Meghan’s ‘unsuitable’ character’ and alleged ‘constant use of the race card’.

‘Meghan weaponises colour with everything,’ Lady Campbell told the Today programme. 

‘You see, as long as she plays the colour card, she gets a free pass to behave as badly and as freely as she would like.

‘She has no boundaries and as long as she plays the colour card, it is open season.’

Lady Campbell said that Meghan’s colour ‘was the one thing that she had going in her favour’.

‘Had Meghan been white, there is no way that marriage would have proceeded, because Meghan’s past was rather too chequered, and Meghan’s personality was very abrasive,’ she said.

‘The one thing that Meghan had going in her favour was that she was mixed race.’

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