Tennent’s Bar in Glasgow found itself at the centre of a Twitter storm when a member of the public tweeted a picture of the flag display with the caption: “Tennent’s bar managed to get nine nations’ flags in their windows. There seems to be one missing. I do hope all residents and visiting English folk remember this oversite when choosing a bar to spend their cash in.”

Some were angered by the flag display which was there to celebrate Euro 2020, which commences this Friday.

One angry person said: “Disgusting, would not drink in it now.”

Another replied: “It will therefore not be somewhere I will enter as a Scot and proud Brit.”

A third furious woman said: “I am really sick of this pathetic bigotry.”

Others hit back at the criticism saying they would not expect a Scottish pub to fly the English flag as it is traditionally thought of as the country’s biggest footballing rival.

One user said: “It’s Scotland. It’s football. I do not expect that a Scottish flag will show an English flag.”

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