Tragedy as horse dies in horror crash on rural road after being spooked by revving car

A horse has died following a horror crash on a rural Scots road after it became spooked by a revving overtaking vehicle.

The horse and its rider were travelling on the unnamed road to Armadale from the B8028 at Avonbridge yesterday evening at about 5.15pm.

It is believed that the animal was startled by an overtaking vehicle, which loudly revved its engine.

The frightened horse was then involved in a crash with a blue Land Rover.

It was so badly injured that it had to be euthanised.

A second horse and rider were uninjured.

Police are hunting the driver of the car which is understood to have caused the crash.

It is described as being similar to a Ford Fiesta ST, orange in colour with a black spoiler.

The death of the animal sent shockwaves through the local horsing community.

Sarah Williamson, who owns the nearby Midsummer Stables, described the incident as “shocking.”

She told the Record: “It is an awful thing to hear about, and I am shocked.

“Some people use these rural roads as shortcuts instead of using the main roads, and the regulars and lorry drivers are usually careful when they go past horses.

“But some people are idiots and don’t realise that horses can get spooked and something like this can happen.