Joanne Potter, of Potters International Hotel in Aldershot, Hampshire, said a group had illegally camped on the car park from March 26 to March 29. They only left after private bailiffs were hired, reports Hampshire Live.

But Ms Potter alleges she found several hotel signs were left smashed, litter and toilet waste strewn across the ground and hotel gates broken.

She claims: “It’s going to cost a fortune to replace everything, it’s just senseless vandalism. There is not a sign that isn’t damaged, and this is the last thing we need.

“We haven’t been open and we didn’t need this extra expense at this time, it is an absolutely disgrace.”

Dog and chicken mess was also left on the site, the business owner added.

The hotel has already faced financial difficulty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, Ms Potter estimates £5,000 will have to be spent on repairs and the cleanup operation.

She claims: “Anyone who can have a travelling life should do it, good on them and I wish I could do the exact same thing, but please do not devalue other people’s hard work.

“We’re a big business but can you imagine someone smaller having to cope with this, it’s appalling.”

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