Parents have hit out at England fans being allowed to hug while thousands of kids have to isolate at home or miss out on sports days due to coronavirus restrictions.

TV screens were flooded with images of football fans embracing as England beat Germany 2-0 at Wembley Stadium last night. 

Some parents said the apparent lack of social distancing was a kick in the teeth when thousands of school children are being forced to isolate at home.

Others were angry that Wembley Stadium and fan zones were full while parents were not allowed to attend school sports days.

Kayleigh Lizzie Wood, commenting on a video of the Manchester fan zone, said: “This is nice to see but also really annoying because I couldn’t go and watch my children’s 1st SPORTS day because of covid.” 

Siiobhan Meara added: “Love to see the social distancing NOT.”

Some people even said that the Euros should have been cancelled altogether.

Stacey Ashworth said: “Men get what they want all the time… kids have had to deal with enough this past year and still losing out how is that fair?? Football should of been cancelled like everything for the kids has.”

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